Our Clients

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  • Families thinking of, or going through, a separation or divorce
  • Parents in need of interim or final parenting plans
  • Siblings having disputes, or issues arising from elder care arrangements
  • Couples experiencing pre-marital conflicts or looking for co-habitation agreements
  • Separated parties with disputes arising from their separation agreement or parenting plan
  • Litigants with court ordered mediation
  • Same-sex couples with family issues
  • Property owners or people contemplating joint property ownership
  • People who have issues arising out of re-marriage or step-family conflicts

“If you were looking for a cost effective way to settle emotionally charged issues, I would strongly recommend Toronto Family Mediation.” -PR

“My same-sex relationship ended abruptly, not on my terms, and I needed the voice of reason to help me through the tough times...Alice, calmly, supportively and completely without judgement, guided me towards making rational decisions that I am still happy with years later” -JB