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This is a facilitated negotiation. As neutral parties, we assist you in finding common ground and searching for creative, yet realistic, ways to resolve your family law issues. If a resolution is found, we will assist you in drafting an agreement. This mediation can be Open or Closed. In Open Mediation, if the mediation breaks down, we write a report summarizing what transpired in the mediation process. In Closed Mediation there is no report.


This is a hybrid process used in family law whereby the parties agree to a two stage process. The first stage is closed mediation and if the mediation fails, the mediators (or either one of the parties) can trigger the second stage, which is arbitration. In mediation/arbitration your mediator acts as the arbitrator (judge/decision-maker). Arbitration is essentially a trial that results in a binding decision called an Arbitral Award, which is enforceable by the courts.

Parenting Coordination

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This is a child-centered process. We use a mixture of education, mediation, arbitration and counselling to reduce family conflict. The objective is to help families transition through separation with as little conflict as possible. In high-conflict situations, this process can manage the conflict and assist the family in progressing more quickly to a point where they can function on their own.


This a process in which a third party neutral renders a legal decision on the issues. This process can be very similar to a trial although private family arbitration can be less formal and rigid than a courtroom. A family arbitration award is enforceable by the courts.